We started our story in 2006. Global Medics was founded at the request of the world of horses and veterinarians. At that time, we were pioneers in the scientific research and development of horse supplements in rehabilitation that had undergone arthroscopic treatment (OCD). Arti-Gold was the first product on the market, which aimed to provide support for the joints. Our horse supplements were welcomed and effective. They created the basis for further product development and growth.

 Innovative player with proven results

The red line that passes through Global Medics is in its innovation. As a result, our products are innovative, more effective than the rest of the market supply, and above all safe, healthy and legal.

Our range of nutritional supplements for horses has been developed in cooperation with specialized horse doctors, surgeons and researchers. Together we make sure that your horses feel good, healthy and fresh! Our quality products are made in Belgium.

8 products

8 products